Join us!

Travel here

Whether for just a few days, a certain event or a few weeks: we look forward to seeing you!

Build platforms, houses and barricades with us ! Now that we are here and also stay, we want to create a long-term self managed autonomous space. 🛠️

Before you pack your bags and come here, please read our awareness concept, and our hygiene concept. We also have a consensus, so you know who we are and what values we stand up for.
A look at the EG legal aid brochure for Saxony from 2019 (en version) should help with legal matters. 📖

…you cannot travel here, but would love to support us? No problem:

Help from far away

PR work

Our greatest leverage is the public. That’s why it’s important that as many people as possible learn about the forest occupation. Tell everyone about it! Our hashtag is “#HeiboBleibt” 🐦

Especially during repression, expressions of solidarity, in text or in form of demonstrations, are super helpful to carry the message out of the woods and across the borders (on that note, we hate borders).


You can also collaborate remotely. For good public relations we need info material, for attention in the scene stickers. You have a good idea and maybe even want to design print media? Then get in touch! We are looking forward to your wild ideas 🎨

Revise and translate texts , Organize events or Provide contacts, or whatever other ideas you have: We look forward to them ✨


We need food and materials, sooner or later we expect court costs. We have a page regarding in-kind and monetary donations