Packing list


  • Medication you need
  • Tooth brush 🙂
  • at least 3 Corona tests: before, after 48h, and when you leave again
  • FFP2 masks, surgical masks


  • waterproof shoes (preferably a second pair in case the first one needs to dry)
  • Rainwear
  • Sturdy clothes that you feel comfortable in


  • Sleeping bag
  • isolation mattress
  • Headlamps (with red light)
  • Lighter
  • Notebook
  • Climbing harness if you have one, otherwise there are also a few on site
  • Working gloves
  • if necessary: tent, hammock, tarp…. there are communal sleeping camps (and tree houses 😉 ) but they are often “fully booked”


  • Mug/cup and water bottle
  • Bowl, cup, fork, spoon
  • Snacks, bread, spread….
    we have food, but WHAT is there at the moment is very random.