Thats now our forest.

Important note: on Friday we meet the Forestry office, come here to be with us!

We occupy the Heidebogen.

We build treehouses, share knowledge, food and material. Together we create an open space in the middle of a threatened forest.


The forest is threatened by an expanding an open-pit gravel mine. An area of about 900ha (approx. 190 football fields) is to be cleared, the groundwater will be contaminated. On on top of that, moors will be destroyed. Read more…

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A forest squat is not cheap and impossible without support. We appreciate monetary and non-monentary donations in kind! Learn more…

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About us

We are people of different ages who despise environmental destruction and finally want climate justice. We don’t shy away from civil disobedience.

We think Racist, sexist, anti-feminist, ableist and other discriminatory statements are no opinions, they absolutely inacceptable.

Individuals do not act and speak for the forest squat. All people here can decide independently for themselves what they do or don’t do. They are “autonomous”, continue reading…