We are public since a longer time now so you can find us at the following coordinats.

51°13’21.7″N 13°48’52.6″E


Many ways lead to us. We collected some of them for you:

From Dresden

  • Train RB33 (Dresden – Ottendorf Okrilla) — go by bike from there
  • Tram Nr. 7 to “Weixdorf” — go by bike from there
  • Bus Nr. 308 to “Radeburg” from the train station “Klotsche” to “Großdittmannsdorf Angelsteg” — then hike the last part
    >> Important: you need a ticket for two zones or you need to buy two tickets. In case of a multiticked, stamp twice <<
  • If you don’t want to pay for a ticket, just contact us and we can help you with some tricks.

If anything is unclear, let us know: we are happy to assist you. If you don’t have a bike, we can organize a shuttle for sure. Maybe you’ll find people in the telegram chat group

From Ottendorf-Okrilla to the forest:

Note: There are several surveillance cameras next to the street. They may be able to view the street.

When you get off in Ottendorf-Okilla Nord, you have to cross the main road and go into the street across. After the end of Ottendorf-Okrilla you walk a short distance through the forest until the road ends. There you turn right and pass a gate. Turn left onto the main road and follow it for 3km. You will pass the gravel plant, where there are signs to surveillance cameras, but none have ever been sighted. After about 2km there is a sign to the dog school. At the next gravel road you have to turn right. Opposite is also a gravel road and the conveyor belt from the gravel plant with surveillance cameras. On forest signs you can find Heibo stickers and HBS tags. You go to the banner “Forest instead of gravel” and turn left. Then always follow the barricades.

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We are exited and can’t wait to see you 😄