Forest occupation is not cheap and impossible without support. We greatly appreciate in-kind and monetary donations!


Important at the moment

Power-Banks, Polyprop, Reepschnur, (Building-)Bandslings, climbing eight, danger harnesses, eviction harnesses, Charge controller, Solar panels (10W for small systems), old car batteries Bauholz, nails (5-20cm), mice-proof boxes(metal or hard plastic), buckets with lids(20L), industrial glue, metal / rubber scrap.

Building materials: wood, tarps, trash bags, large safety net.

Tools: cordless screwdriver, 18volt battery from Makita Flex,

Food: Spreads/jams, vegan sweets/snacks, mate, coffee, canned veggies, vegan long shelf life food.

In-kind donations

Building material and tools

Windows (double-glazed), construction lumber, squared lumber, knives, axes, pry bars, screws, nails, hammers, battery-powered tools, hand tools, duct tape, picks, shovels, construction foam, bitumen, cement


vegan, ideally regional and palm oil-free, e.g.

Nuts, garlic, ginger, spices (best in large, resealable containers), oil for frying and salads, staples (pasta, rice, lentils…), canned food (strained tomatoes, beans, chickpeas…), other long-lasting food that needs as little (preferably no) water to prepare as possible, vegan chocolate, coffee (pay special attention to the supply chain here), bottled water in case of eviction (5l)


Tea tree and coconut oil, vegan hygiene products (toothpaste, soap), skin disinfectant, wound disinfectant, toilet paper, first aid kits, razor blades,  wound and healing ointment, vegan throat tablets, vegan condoms. Tampons or pads, some (originally packaged) Mooncups

Camping supplies

Pots and pans of all sizes, dishes, (winterized) sleeping bags, blankets, tarps, tents, mattresses, sleeping pads, backpacks and fanny packs, sleeping pads, gas stoves, gas cartridges, propane and lighter gas, waterproof shoes, knives, organic dish detergent, camping lamps


Warm socks, winter jackets, pants, thermal underwear, sweaters, ski pants, shoes (hiking boots, athletic shoes, sneakers, …), underwear, T-shirts, gloves, hats, scarves

Climbing gear

Climbing harnesses, 6-mm rep line, screw carabiners, rappel eights, 11-mm climbing rope (static/semi-static), web slings, pulleys, 9-/10-mm climbing rope (dynamic), screw links, shackles, throw-in bags, and throw line, Polyprop rope (8 to 14 mm)(please arrange in advance)
Please always label used climbing material with type, date of purchase, duration of use and intensity (note on it, do not write directly on it).

Electronic devices

Powerbanks, cell phones, walkie-talkies, sim cards already unlocked, digital cameras, headlamps, photovoltaic supplies (photovoltalic modules (even damaged), solar inverters (for island systems, no feed-in judge), matching cables and charge controllers, rechargeable batteries (AAA, AA, old but working truck or car batteries, … ), voltage indicators for car batteries, USB sticks and external hard drives, radios, night vision devices, sirens (handheld or 12V sirens)
Wifi/router, 1 directional radio antenna, small solar panels for freifunk in the squats,

Bicycles and repair tools

Bicycles, pumps, bicycle inner tubes, large and wide U-locks, chain rivet pushers, wrenches (15 and 13 flat box wrenches, 14 pipe socket wrenches, 8, 9 and 10 offset box wrenches, 8, 9 and 10 open-end wrenches), patching tools especially vulcanizing paste


dry firewood, lighters, candles, oil lamps, lamp oil, superglue, wheelbarrows, bicycle trailers, paper/blocks, Eddings and other pens, paint, brushes, spray paint, bed sheets, safety pins, sewing kit, tube towels, camouflage clothing, binoculars, large and small boxes for food storage, water cans suitable for drinking in all sizes (10-1000l), rugs

Useless stuff, at least for us

Children’s clothes, high heels, etc. are better off in the free store in your town than in the forest.

Monetary donations

For the initial occupation, material costs of about 800€ have been incurred, in addition to that we have running expenses. Every donation helps!

Name: "Spenden&Aktionen" 
IBAN: "DE29 5139 0000 0092 8818 06"
Subject: "Heibo"

Our favorite is cash for the camp treasury 🙂

Please note: we are not a legal institution (not an association or official ngo), that means when we say “donation” its a colloquial word for gift. Thats a german legal thing