Skillshare-Weekend from 20.-22-01.

Picture: @adorapress
Image description: In the middle you can see a tree house with windows. Above it says “Skillshare weekend from 20-22.02. in Heibo”. To the right of the tree house is a Circle A, because we all know: the A in the circle is a proof of quality (haha). Below is still “Info’s in the post”.

From 20. to 22. 01. there will be a Skillshare-Weekend in our forest. So that we can all have a relaxed time, we start with an Awarness-Input, which will take place either Friday evening or Saturday morning. We will continue with different climbing skillshares (relevant for eviction, beginner workshops, rescue skillshare, …) Some skillshares and talking rounds we offer as shelter. These are only accessible to certain groups of people ( e.g. FLINTA/ TINA only, Neurodivergence). If needed, we also try to provide English translations.  This will be followed by a Sani workshop on Saturday at noon. Sunday there will be a legal input and all people are invited to build barricades (which is of course always welcome). Also part of it is cooking together, exchanging with each other and taking over daily tasks, e.g. washing up. It would be great if you bring some food 🙂

Our picket starts on the evening of the 22nd, we are happy about every person who wants to participate there, be it helping with the setup or taking part in shifts. Feel free to share the info. See you in the forest. #heibobleibt

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