“Knock knock” “Who’s there?” “EVICTION”

Update & current situation

The cutting season will begin on October 1. We expect to be evicted starting Oct. 4 (1st business day after Oct. 1).

We have not yet received a firm date as to when it will actually start. However, we assume that the police will be here rather sooner than later to get us out of the trees. This is supported by the fact that we know that the KBO (gravel plant) already wanted to clear the forest area where we live last year. (For your information: in DE it is legal to cut down between 1. 10. and 28. 2. without special permission. Outside this period it is more difficult for nature conservation reasons). At the moment this piece of forest belongs to Sachsen Forst. The gravel plant has to lease it for cutting down and digging. As far as we know this has not happened yet, but we know that preparations for this were made some time ago. Legally, that means Sachsen Forst will probably be the ones suing the occupation to leave the forest. Since we won’t do that voluntarily as long as the gravel here is to be used, the police will enforce the wishes of Sachsen Forst and KBO and evict us to make way for chainsaws, destruction and climate disaster.

What to do? Support options

Roughly summarized, we need 3 things:

1. Money

Resistance is unfortunately expensive. Food for a possible police siege, material, climbing equipment, upcoming charges and proceedings – it adds up to a lot. Donations (appeals), soli-parties and -counters and other fundraising activities help us a lot.

2. Material

We prefer to get things used instead of buying them new. So if you have something lying around at home that you don’t need anymore, feel free to send it to us. Currently urgent:

  • durable, vegan (ready-made) food like canned meals, pickled vegetables, sweet stuff, stuff that doesn’t need to be prepared elaborately or at all
  • (truck) tarpaulins
  • sleeping bags
  • packaged bottled water
  • small camping stoves and gas
  • power banks
  • lumber, blankets …
  • more on the wish list

3. People

and lots of them! There are countless ways to get involved: help with the final preparations before it starts, occupy a tree house or similar, register and support demonstrations nearby, help with transportation with a car and driver’s license, Gesa support (picking people up from the police station), documenting the eviction (press), moral support from the ground, offering a quiet place and offering people tea after the eviction… there is a lot to do!

Come by or otherwise let us know how you want to and can support us. [Contact.]
What’s going on here right now?

Collective living together always means dealing – with ourselves, with discrimination, with society, but also with each other, for example in awareness plenaries. We want to deal openly with the fact that there was a major conflict here this year, which many people outside the forest also heard about. If you have any questions or concerns about this, but also in general, feel free to write us by mail or Telegram. Please refrain from calling for conflict-specific issues, as not all people have the desire or capacity to talk about it or know about it. For all other questions, of course, the forest cell phone is also available.

Climate destruction must not go unanswered! Let’s make the eviction a disaster!

Heibo Remains – Come to the forest!


Current legal situation

If it should come to problems with the authorities, we have contact to nice lawyers who help us.

This means: visitors can come by without any problems and activists can build with peace of mind 🦋


According to statements made by the gravel pit spokesmen to the press, there are no forest clearing plans at the moment. However, plans for clearing work are also often only drawn up shortly before the clearing season. So how things will proceed from October onwards is still unclear.

What is clear: we are staying!