Eviction update

Current (eviction) situation: On 23.1. the deadline from the District Office Bautzen to remove the tree houses and fireplaces expires. If we do not do so, the district office has threatened us to remove the structures ourselves. This would be tantamount to an eviction. We suspect that in the week of 23.1. the district office will first check whether there are still fireplaces and tree houses and will evict us in the following week. Since there are always demonstrations going on in Saxony on Mondays, it is likely that they will not begin an eviction until Tuesday. However, this is all speculation and it may well be that they will start evicting us as early as the week of Jan. 23. There will be a registered picket from 22.1. in the evening and on Wednesday 18.1. an infocall (more information to follow). Therefore: come by, gladly already for the Skillshare weekend from 20.1.-22.1., and let’s oppose the destruction of the forest and the surrounding moors by capitalist interests! #heibo_bleibt #fecher_bleibt…

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